This precisely structured and carefully managed event offers sponsors pre-scheduled, guaranteed high-quality engagements with the biggest, best and fastest growing technology integrators.

The Summit schedule guarantees one-on-one meetings with your choices from the 400+ pre-screened decision makers from the nation’s top integration firms — and arms its vendor staff with detailed guest profile information in advance to help prep them for conversations to move the needle on sales.

Sponsors have complete flexibility to target market segments (custom, commercial and security integration) or mix and match guest engagements for a comprehensive approach.

CE Pro Summit
(hosting 135 custom integrators)

In 2017, CE Pro guests represented $1.3 billion in annual aggregate revenue, averaged $10.9 million in revenues and 40,100 residential installations per year.

CI Summit
(hosting 135 commercial integrators)

In 2017, Commercial Integrator guests represented $3.7 billion in annual aggregate revenue, averaged $39 million and 39,403 commercial installations per year.

SSI Summit
(hosting 135 security integrators)

In 2017, security integrator and dealer guests represented more than $2.9 billion in aggregate revenue and averaged $34 million, 207, 900 residential installations and 38,997 commercial installations per year.

Hosted Style Event

Flights, hotel accommodations, food and beverage and registration costs for business leaders of top companies are paid for and arranged by the Summit producer, AE Ventures. In recognition of these benefits, guests contractually commit to attend the Summit from start to finish and follow a detailed itinerary of activities at the event, including scheduled meetings with sponsors. Primary benefits for guests include the collection of business best practices from peers and determining how to expand and improve their technology strategies.


Engage Deeply with High-Value Prospects
At tradeshows, most contacts are superficial, random, and often unqualified. At AE Ventures events, engagements are scheduled and strategic.


Select Your Targets
Pick-and-choose the number and type of engagements your company wants among the VIP-level decision-makers hosted at our events. You can address multiple channels/market sectors or just one.


Service That’s Above & Beyond
AE Ventures takes sponsor support and deliverables a leap ahead. We work with sponsors to identify meaningful goals and devise engagement strategies that will yield the desired results.


Save Time & Money
Add up the time and money required to connect in-person with your biggest and best prospects across the nation and compare it to the efficiency of meeting with dozens of VIP prospects in just 2.5 days—the savings created by sponsoring an AE Ventures event becomes clear.



Exhibits + Meetings Packages
Our Exhibit + Meetings packages offer sponsors an opportunity to meet with guests via one-on-one meetings in an exhibit space in the exhibition hall. These one-on-one meetings are 15 minutes in length and the guests come to you at a scheduled time. 


Boardroom Sponsorship Packages
Boardroom packages provide an opportunity for sponsors to present to one or more groups of 10-12 guests in a private meeting room for 35 minutes.


General Session Sponsorships
These sponsorships include a 10-minute speaking opportunity prior to the start of our session content. Sponsors will be introduced and given the stage for a presentation that can include PowerPoint, video, and audience interaction. Sponsors will receive branding for all promotions of that session digitally and on signage.


Networking and Stop-By Contacts
All sponsorships include the opportunity to network with guests throughout the program. Sponsors can connect with guests during general sessions, at networking receptions and during browsing hours at the exhibits.


Sponsor Success Stories

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