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Hotel Alert:
Please note that we have not authorized any hotels or hotel booking services to solicit your business. The only official hotels of the Total Tech Summit are the Westin Pittsburgh and the Omni William Penn. Sponsors wishing to stay with our hosted guests at these properties should make their reservations directly through the hotel. Click here for complete details.

Sponsor Participation Summary

A detailed monthly update showcasing what leading manufacturers and service providers value at our events by their number of boardroom presentations, one-on-one meetings and general session sponsorships.

Find out exactly what other sponsors are doing at the Total Tech Summit this year!

Guest Highlight(s) of the Month

CE Pro:
Director of Operations
Just One Touch

Commercial Integrators:
President of the Integration Division

Security, Sales & Integration:
Executive VP
Intertech Ci



“It’s just a different kind of event than what we usually do. When we have a booth at an event, we get other people to come to us. We’re doing all the outreach to try to get people. Whereas, with the Total Tech Summit, we’re guaranteed to meet with integrators that we feel give us the best opportunity to grow together. I think that’s the most important part for us.”
— Emily Chae, Senior Marketing Manager, TRENDnet


“The CEPro Summit has provided me the opportunity to easily converse with other top integrators throughout the country. Additionally, the attending speakers do not only motive you to improve our organizations, but also dig deeper and improve yourself. You can be guaranteed to come away with many great, tangible, ideas that will help in improving your processes, procedures, and most importantly, your bottom line!”
— Adam Cervantes, Custom Operations Manager, Bjorn's Audio Video

Closing Next Steps

As your planning and preparation ramp up, we wanted to make a suggestion that will increase the value of these engagements substantially. It’s the idea of closing next steps with the boardroom group guests.

You can do this efficiently by using a next step capture form that you ask guests to complete during the last minute or two of your allotted time. The questions are basic. You simply want guests to specify their product/service interest, when and how they would like you to follow up and which other stakeholders in their organization should be involved in the next meeting or presentation.

To help you get this element in place, we’ve created a Customizable Next Steps Capture Form template and Generic Next Steps Capture Form.  Simply print copies of the forms to bring to your boardroom(s) and hand out to guests to fill out a few minutes before your session ends.

Submit Your Company Listing

To ensure we have an accurate company listing for the Total Tech Summit website and on-site guide, please use this link to submit as soon as possible. If you are unsure if you've already made a submission please reach out to Jessica Salisbury to confirm.

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