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Hotel Alert:
Please note that we have not authorized any hotels or hotel booking services to solicit your business. The only official hotels of the Total Tech Summit are the Westin Pittsburgh and the Omni William Penn. Sponsors wishing to stay with our hosted guests at these properties should make their reservations directly through the hotel. Click here for complete details.


Sponsor Participation Summary

A detailed monthly update showcasing what leading manufacturers and service providers value at our events by their number of boardroom presentations, one-on-one meetings and general session sponsorships.

Find out exactly what other sponsors are doing at the Total Tech Summit this year!

Guest Highlight(s) of the Month

CE Pro:
Brian Perreault, VP/General Manager
Barrett's Technology Solutions

Commercial Integrators:
Scott Birdsong, VP of Design
Texadia Systems

Security, Sales & Integration:
Tim Kersting, VP of Sales
Integrated Protection Services



"For us to be able to choose those individuals that we want to meet with, I can’t ask for more. And, to have 15-minute, face-to-face meetings with those individuals who are interested in seeing what we can offer and who we want to communicate our value proposition to is just ideal.”

— Desmond Fretz, Sales Director, Starke Sound


“It was our first Summit, so we didn’t know what to expect from it, but it exceeded our expectations. We were able to learn a tremendous amount of things through different manufacturers that we didn’t know before. We were able to have conversations and network with people to share ideas. It was just fantastic. We really, really enjoyed it. There were just no negatives I could see to the Total Tech Summit at all.”
— Roger Harbert, President, Digital Design Solutions

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Jessica Salisbury

Sales Support Administrator