Guest Feedback

“I’ve been to almost every single Summit and each one is better than the last. For me, having the engagement is huge. I’m an engaging person, so you get out of it what you put into it. So, it’s a combination of reconnecting with the people I already know, but it’s also an opportunity to meet a lot of new people.”

Tom Berry
CEO, Verrex


“This is really my favorite event that I do every year. It’s well-run and well-organized. If you get a chance to come to this, this is your go-to show.”

Mike Cogbill
VP of Engineering, ETC


“I had a great experience here. All of the other integrators who were here with me were really open and engaging in terms of talking about things that were important to them and important to the industry. Hopefully, everybody else got as many things to take away from the event as I did.”

Daniel Abrams
VP of Business Development, iCVI


"I was impressed with every aspect of the event and had a good time connecting with guests from other businesses facing similar challenges. We had great dialog and reassurance that we are not alone."

Adam Theis
General Manager, OPTECH


“Overall, I have been genuinely blown away by the camaraderie at these events, being able to meet people on a national footprint that are doing the same things that we do here in New York, but throughout the country and sharing best practices. It’s a great couple of days and I love everything about it.”

Seth Barcus
Director of Security and Interactive Services, American Security

Sponsor Feedback

“This was an experience like no other. We absolutely love the structure and the way that we have the one-on-one appointments versus chasing people down the aisle trying to bring them into our booth. The conversations have flowed very smoothly. It’s been a good experience.”

Leigh Ann Page
National Sales Manager, JLM Wholesale


“It’s an awesome experience. I think it’s a great format. We’ve made a lot of new integrator friends in the past four years we’ve been here, and we meet new ones each year. You’re meeting with a lot of the decision-makers here. This is really the space where, if you’ve got something compelling, you’ve got something innovative, this is the time to show it and these are the people to talk to.”

Bill Stang
Pro AV Sales Director, Windy City Wire


“It’s a great event and different than a typical tradeshow. You get your one-on-one time and your boardrooms, and it just gives you that higher quality face-to-face time where you can get out, answer questions and spend some time.”

Taft Stricklin
Sales Manager, Just Add Power


“It’s not always easy getting in front of one decision-maker, let alone the president of a company. But to be at an event where you’re able to get in front of all the key decision-makers at any given time, that’s definitely a very powerful aspect of it.”

Rob Voorhees
Business Development Manager, Almo Pro A/V


"For us to be able to choose those individuals that we want to meet with, I can’t ask for more. And, to have 15-minute, face-to-face meetings with those individuals who are interested in seeing what we can offer and who we want to communicate our value proposition to is just ideal.”

Desmond Fretz
Sales Director, Starke Sound