Sponsor Participation Summary

Vendors don't exhibit at AE Ventures events, they engage!

The Sponsor Participation Summary contains the following information about all Summit sponsors:

  • Exhibit space
  • Number of Boardroom Presentations
  • Number of One-on-one Meetings
  • General Session Sponsorships

Defend your market share with existing and new customers by matching or surmounting your competitors' plays.


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Customize Your Audience

Our staff meticulously chooses VIP-level residential, commercial and security integrators to attend the Total Tech Summit. This allows sponsors like you to customize and build your preferred sales demographic, addressing multiple channel sectors or just one.

Guaranteed Meetings

Pick and choose the number and type of engagements your company wants among 400 VIP-level decision-makers hosted at the Summit, and you are guaranteed one-on-one, boardroom or general session meetings with your targets.

Detailed Brand Analysis

Guests are asked to provide their top three brands in a host of product and service categories on the application. Sponsors can use this information to determine their penetration and relative position in the guest universe, as well as the position of their competitors.

Engagement Planning

Your sales team receives detailed profiles for VIP Guests they are scheduled to meet with, including firmographics, product line-up, and personal details. Our engagement training prepares them with the best tactics for building relationships with these individuals.


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"We get to do a lot of networking with our key customers. The one-on-ones and boardrooms reinforce our story to our best customers, emerging customers and folks who have never done business with us. It’s a really great opportunity to drive new business.”

David Weinstein, Vice President of Sales, Lutron Electronics

"Being in this environment, talking to the leaders of companies—it’s a great way of finding out where the gaps are in what we offer today and what we need to offer in the future.”

Scott Lowder, Senior Product Manager, Middle Atlantic Products

"It’s opportunities like this that allow us to learn more from each other. Everybody is open to learning, and we’re realizing that clinging to the old ideas is not what the future is going to be about. This, to me, has been a phenomenal couple of days.”

David Meurer, President and CEO, Armed Response Team