Opening Roundtable Redefines Process Improvement Ideation at Total Tech

Top custom, commercial and security integrators will benefit from perspectives of business leaders in both their core and adjacent business disciplines.

For more than a decade, top integrators have marveled at the value of sourcing insights and best practices from their peers at the Total Tech Summit. For the most part, it has been about top custom integrators learning from other top custom firms, top commercial integrators from their business peers and security integrators from security integrators. This year’s opening roundtable, however, will break the mold with a two-part approach that springboards the discussion from companies in a single business discipline to cross-category discussions.

This first-ever all-guest-segments roundtable is sponsored by proposal, design and project management solution provider D-tools, a loyal Total Tech sponsor that works with companies across the integration spectrum to streamline sales and operations.

Processes Improvement Roundtable: The Profit Booster Session

Comprehensive process definition, development and refinement is one of the clear keys to improving and scaling all types of integration companies. In this roundtable session, you’ll collaborate with peers in your integration discipline to workshop improvements in a key process area, then join with peers in a sister discipline to get additional perspective and offer your perspectives on process improvements they developed. Hopefully, it’s the start of deep collaboration with your peers that will persist long after the Summit concludes and generate many process improvements. Process areas you’ll select from include labor management, project management, sales/design/production integration, sales/marketing integration, cybersecurity and privacy, proposals and bids, estimating, scheduling, pricing, customer care, training and cross-training, prospecting, finance and securing credit, insurance and legal, inventory management and working with builders and other trade partners.

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