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Learn How Total Tech Summit Benefits Sponsors


Total Tech Summit guests are vetted by our dedicated guest relations staff to deliver the most valuable channel-partnering opportunities in custom, commercial and security integration. 2016 guests generated more than $5 billion in annual revenue and almost 350,000 installations. In 2017, aggregate revenues of the 400+ hosted integrators are projected to top $7 billion. At trade shows, most contacts are superficial, random and often unqualified; at Total Tech, engagements are planned and deep. Total Tech delivers fully formed opportunities to develop sales relationships, not badge scans that may not pan out to be a lead. In addition, the Summit creates a nearly perfect selling context—you get to present your products and services at an event where top decision-makers are thinking deeply about the future evolution and growth of their businesses.


Pick and choose the number and type of engagements your company wants among 400+ VIP-level decision makers hosted to the Summit. You can address multiple channel sectors or just one. You can choose from scheduled 15-minute one-on-one meetings at your exhibit, 35-minute boardroom engagements to a group of 10 guests or general session sponsorships that enable you to message to all guests. Your sales team receives detailed profiles in advance including firmographics, product line up and personal details for each individual they are scheduled to meet with. This sets sales staff up to build rapport and quickly identify prospect needs and the solutions your company can offer.


Add up the time and money required to connect in person with the biggest and best integrators across the nation and compare it to the efficiency of meeting with dozens of VIP prospects in just 2.5 days—the savings of time and money represented by the Summit add up fast. For the highest levels of participation by our sponsors we calculate greater than 50% savings on the fully loaded cost of participation.


AE Ventures' Quantum Customer Experience takes sponsor support and deliverables a leap ahead. Through our Proven Process, we work with sponsors to identify meaningful goals and devise engagement strategies that will yield the desired results. We simplify and ease on-site execution with our Signature Customer Care. And, we back your sponsorship investment with our Engagements Guarantee that provides you double the value in make-good meetings in the unlikely event a guest misses an engagement with you. Fewer than 2% of thousands of engagements arranged at each event are missed.

Customize Your Audience

Our Total Tech Summit staff meticulously chooses VIP-level residential, commercial and security integrators to attend the Summit so sponsors like you can customize and build your preferred sales demographic. Each Sponsor has guaranteed one-on-one, boardroom or general session meetings. See below for more information on our audience segments!

2017 CE Pro guests represent an aggregate annual revenue of $790 million in revenues and 46,000 aggregate installations.

2017 Commercial Integrator guests represents $3.2 billion in aggregate annual revenue and 55,000 aggregate installations.

2017 SSI security integrator and dealer guests represented more than $22.1 million in aggregate revenue and 320,000 agreegate installations.

Find Out Exactly Who's Coming

Contact us or fill out the form below and we will send you the the confirmed 2017 guest list and stats for each of our segmented targets—including attending companies, titles of our guests, potential revenue from this audience and much more!