November 4-6, 2024
JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa, San Antonio, TX


November 4-6, 2024
JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa, San Antonio, TX


Total Tech Summit co-locates CE Pro Summit and Commercial Integrator Summit. This uniquely powerful hosted-style event drives extraordinary progress in the custom, commercial and security integration industries. It will host 200+ business leaders from the nation’s largest and most progressive integration companies to work on growing and improving their already superb companies. Our guests generated projected annual revenues of more than $6 billion and more than 250,000 installations.

Total Tech Summit covers flights, hotel, meals and registration for business leaders of top companies as well as a top flight program of content and structured peer networking.


food & beverage



event access


In recognition of these benefits, guests agree contractually to attend the Summit from start to finish and follow a customized itinerary that includes scheduled meetings with sponsors. Primary benefits for guests include sourcing peer-tested ideas of how to grow their companies through process improvement and product/market mix evolution.


  • $1 billion in annual aggregate revenue
  • $9.8 million in average revenue
  • 60,505 residential installations 


  • $2.5 billion in annual aggregate revenue
  • $34 million average annual revenue
  • 536,108 commercial installations

What’s in it for Guests?

Foster a High-Caliber Network

VIP Perks for Industry Leaders

Focused on Helping You Grow & Improve

Explore Opportunities in Adjacent Spaces

What’s in it for Sponsors?

Engage Deeply with High-Value Prospects

Select Your Targets

Service That's Above & Beyond

Save Time & Money

Owner & Producer


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